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Smart Phone Repair and Service

We carry out extensive mobile phone repairs for domestic and corporate customers. We can repair:
Touch screen/LCD Screen faults
Have you Broken Your Mobile LCD Screen ? Don't Worry Big Fix does perfect replacement to your broken LCD Touch screen for all the brands – Nokia, Samsung, Apple, HTC, LG and much more. Other than LCD repairs we do lot more mobile repair service at affordable cost.
Power faults
Mobile Power Faults Occurs either from user slackness or hardware malfunction. It can be easily identified and repaired, the two common problem are faulty cords and broken charging ports. Big Fix does perfect power failure repair at low cost for all the brands – HTC, Samsung, Apple, Nokia, LG , Motorola, blackberry and much more.
Software faults
Is your phone hanging or locks up and can’t be turned on or off? The mobile screen changes to full white and flashes between black and white, buttons not working, rings extremely slow, beyond any doubt its software problem in your mobile. Big Fix mobile repair service identifies and solves your issue within hours.
Microphone faults
Microphone is controlled by audio IC in Mobilephone, if you are not able to hear the people at the other end its undoubtedly either speaker or microphone problem. Big fix does perfect microphone replacement and fix the issue. We follow no fix no fee policy and return your device safely.
Keypad faults
Many users have experienced keypad fault, these issues apply to all brands Sony, HTC, Apple, Samsung, Nokia and much more. Most common Keypad issues are key not working or only some key working, have to give more pressure on certain keys to work, if one key pressed some other key will work. Big Fix does keypad repair and services to work as new at cheap cost.
Water and liquid damage
Mobile phone prone to high damage when it is dropped in water or liquid. Even though the liquid has been dried but will destroy your mobile by leaving salt residues on it. Charging your water damaged phone can lead to short circuit and destroy all delicate components. Bring your liquid damaged phone to big fix - mobile repair service where we diagnose and fix it.
Speaker faults
Basic Problem of speakers are you will not able to hear the people at the other end else the speaker crackles and produce noise. Big fix does perfect speaker replacement and fix the issue at affordable cost. Book-a-Call Online to Avail Door Step mobile service.
Ringer faults
Many users are experiencing ringer problems in mobile phones, common ringer problems are ringer not working, less or no sound from the ringer, sound comes from ringer but with interruption, sound from the other side is not clear. Bring your faulted mobile phone to Big Fix for perfect ringer replacement.
Reception/signal faults
Most irritating situation is when your phone cuts off every time you make a call or you will have trouble in getting reception. This usually Occurs failure of simple parts on motherboard. Big Fix can diagnose your device and fix it within hours.
Charging faults
When you connect your mobile phone to charger, if does not show any sign of charging then your internal charging block has been damaged. We can repair charging faults for all brand – Nokia, Blackberry, Apple, HTC, Samsung, LG, Asus, iball, Karbonn, Micromax and much more.


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