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How to Fix 5 common Issues in Motorola Moto G Smartphone

Motorola had huge success by releasing Moto G in India. Motorola Moto G is an Attempt to seek buyer attention by offering lot of features at extremely reasonable price especially in Indian Markets. Moto G was unveiled at huge event in Sao Paulo, Brazil in November last year. Moto G runs on Android v4.3 Jelly Bean Operating System. Every phone has some basic bugs or issues, and the Moto G is no exclusion.

Here I am  going to provide solutions to some of the common Moto G issues – LED Notification, Wi-Fi Problems, poor audio quality, and rattling noise. Apart from this it has other issues like inability to detect SIM cards, Problem Occurs when switching to airplane mode, USB OTG File manager not mounting and camera error while pressing camera icon. All these mentioned bugs are reported when Moto G is upgraded to Android 4.4.2 Kit-Kat version. Motorola Acknowledge these issues and it says “we are working on a permanent fix – Stay Tuned”.
            Moto G LED Notification Issues:
Moto G LED Notification fails to turn on when incoming text, email or phone calls arrives. In reality lot of people experience the same LED bug problem.  This usually cause when restoring settings from Google account, which can disable LED.
You can download the Notification light widget app from Google play store and use it. Place the widget in home screen, then activate the LED Again. After when LED Notification works delete this widget.

        Moto G Wi-Fi Issues:
Moto G users face Wi-Fi problems when they try to connect to different routers. Some people reported in forums that they can’t even connect to networks. Some complainant that they have Wi-Fi dropping problems and they also have battery drain when changing between routers.
There are many troubleshooting methods to solve Wi-Fi issue in Moto G. Here I have listed few methods:
1.      Go to SETTINGS -> Wi-Fi -> ADVANCED make sure you set “keep Wi-Fi on during sleep”  to always and check avoid poor connections is not selected.
2.      Next method is you have turned off your both Moto G and routers, and then you should switch  on after several minutes. This may also help to connect Wi-Fi in some circumstances.
3.      If the above mentioned two methods do not work you can try this also – Go to SETTINGS ->  Wi-Fi and long press your router and press FORGET NETWORK. Scan again and then enter    all your details.
4.      If you face excessive battery drain problem on Moto G then Go to SETTINGS -> Wi-Fi ->    Advanced and set Scanning always available to OFF.

      Moto G Audio Quality Issues:
Moto G Audio Quality is low when compared to other new released models. When Users listen music in earphones or headphones they experience poor audio quality.
Go to -> SETTINGS -> SOUND -> AUDIO EFFECT there you can adjust the equalizer settings for the wired and speaker separately.

      Moto G Rattling Noise:
Recent news from Moto G users that they are getting rattling noise when the mobile shakes or its vibrating motor goes off. Actually the rattling noise does not affect the normal function of the phone, but many users feel it is disturbed.
Adding a back cover may temporarily solve the problem but the problem is caused by loose button. Go to -> SETTINGS -> SOUND -> TURN OFF VIBRATE ON TOUCH or VIBRATE WHEN RING. And Go to -> SETTINGS -> LANGUAGE & INPUT -> GOOGLE KEYBOARD SETTINGS -> TURN OFF VIBRATES ON KEYPRESS. You can also try by removing Moto g back cover and fix the space between button and back cover with small paper or tape.

      Moto G Camera Error
      A lot of Moto G users have run into a camera error upon attempting to launch the camera. It won't start up at all. People face this error after Moto G is updated to Kit-Kat Version.
      Hold the power button until your phone reboots, this method may temporarily fix the camera issue but if your problem persists Go to SETTINGS -> APPS -> CAMERA and tap force stop then clear data and cache.

Finally I want to conclude that these minor changes can done by anyone but if you want to do any major change like Moto G software update kindly visit your nearby Motorola service centre or approach our Big Fix ECareCentre. Our main focus is to service all Brands Smartphone, Tablet, Extended Warranty and Tech Support.


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