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Laptop Screen Repair & Replacements

Common Laptop LCD/ LED screen problem is when there are lines or a condition of distorted image appearing on your laptop screen. These blurred images don’t let you carry out your functionality and your work gets hampered. The pixels of the screen might get distorted or damaged as a result. So, Why is the screen failing and what can we do about it?

On close introspection there can be many things that lead to this situation. The things that can lead to such a situation are:
i) Spilling of a liquid near the connection of the wire that can lead to a short circuit.
ii) The monitor resolution might have been changed.
iii)The monitor drive might have incurred some problems.
 iv) Other devices might be present around the monitor that might be causing the distortion by creating an electromagnetic field.
v) If spilling of a liquid is the case then you need to clean the wire with distilled water, instead of regular water, else there can be more damage caused.
 There can be many other hardware issues as well.

You might try connecting an external monitor as well and see whether it is working fine, or not. If it works fine then there is a problem with the graphics card or the internal chips in your system. But, if the situation is otherwise then there are laptop issues that you will have to resolve.

You will need expert assistance from professionals who have the hands-on experience in dealing with laptop issues.We, India’s no.1 professional gadget repair service center, is one such place where you can get all the solutions to your queries and laptop woes. Call free helpdesk: 18002001240.


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