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Mobile/ Laptop Repair Technician courses - Chapter 1

Mobile/ Laptop Repair Technician courses
Chapter 1

What is electricity?

•    What are electrons?
•    What makes them move from atom to atom?
•    What is Voltage?
•    What is Current?
•    What is Resistance?
•    How do these three concepts relate to each other?
•   What are conductors, what are insulators?

Current (I)

Current is the quantity of electrons passing a given point. The unit of current is the Ampere.

Voltage (V or E)

Voltage is electrical pressure or force. Voltage is sometimes referred to as Potential. Voltage Drop is the difference in Voltage between the twoends of a conductor through which current is flowing.

Power (P)

The work performed by an electrical current is called Power. The unit of Power is the Watt.

Resistance (R)

Conductors are not perfect. They resist to some degree the flow of current. The unit of resistance is the Ohm.


The part of the circuit which performs work (e.g. a motor, a light bulb or a LED, etc.) is called Load.

Ohm's Law

A set of rules that show the relationships among Current ,Voltage , Power and Resistance. Given any two of the above, one is able to calculate the other two using the following formulas:
E = I x R
I = E / R
R = E / I
P = E x I

Alternating current

Alternating current (AC), is an electric current in which the flow of electric charge periodically reverses direction.

Direct Current Electricity

An electrical current can flow in either of two directions through a conductor. If it flows in only one direction whether steadily or in pulses, it is called direct current (DC). Almost all the projects in class will be powered by DC electricity.

A multi meter is a useful tool that helps us finding the positive and negative side of the power supply. On the multi meter’s rotary selection knob we see different sections for measuring voltage (volt-meter), current (am-meter) and resistance (ohm-meter), hence the name: multi meter.

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