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How to setup a repair center for Mobilephones, laptops & computers?

Starting any business requires much thought and research. Below are some points that need to be considered before starting an electronic devices repair business.

1. Domain Knowledge
As an entrepreneur you should have the necessary domain knowledge to handle electronic devices. We advise you to have the necessary educational qualifications to back you, namely diploma or degree in electronics. If not appropriately qualified, you should at least possess knowledge by having worked in a repair store.

2. Location
The first thing to consider here is to select a storefront to setup your business. Having a storefront means your business is out there for everyone to see, to visit, and the potential for income can be pretty high. Physical location is going to be key. You want a place with easy access, in an area with a large enough customer base to attract, and preferably in an area with little or no competition. These three factors can make or break your business and should be considered with care. Also ensure that there is ample parking space available at your location.

3. Store Development
Once you have selected a location, you will have to build your store. Take help from a professional interior decorator and plan the store layout. Accommodate customer area, seating arrangements, product display racks, repair rooms, storage rooms, manager rooms, rest room, etc...

Ensure that the in-store branding is vibrant and outdoor signage gets maximum visibility. Use quality materials for flooring, lighting, wooden/ glass partitions and other furniture. Apply and obtain for necessary government license to operate a retail storefront.

4. Staffing
Besides yourself, start with a small team. Have a customer support executive to handle the front desk and a quality technician to handle repairs. Get your team certified from OEM brands and government agencies like Telecom Sector Skill Council offering certification. Issue uniform and advise the staff to be professionally dressed at work.

5. Software
Invest in a POS Machine, Computers, Printer to manage the day-to-day activities of your business. Your software should help manage clients, generate job-sheet/invoices, send alerts, comply with taxes and maintain inventory. Please read this Bigfix review on CompareCamp to know how this tool can help you manage your repair and service business.

CompareCamp is a third-party marketplace for business software solutions and services. It has hundreds of SaaS reviews and B2B articles in its database, a practical resource for companies in search for the right software product.

6. Tools
The heart of a repair center is the repair room equipped with esd environment, repair tools and measurement instruments. Research and buy quality tools from reputed brands and learn to use them. Do build a handy mobile kit to handle onsite repairs.

7. Advertising
How do you plan to let people in your community know that your business is open and ready to serve them? There are many different methods for advertising a business, including Internet, newspaper, television, radio, flyers, and word-of-mouth. Your advertising budget can play a big part in the decision process, as well as possible success rates.

You can also join various online lead generating services, like and publicize yourself.

8. Inventory
Get an inventory of computers available for sale and computer components. Customers are looking for fast service, and you need parts on hand to give that fast service.

The parts you may want to have available include all popular types touchscreens, ic's, panels and computer processors. These are only a few examples of parts, the more parts you have, the less likely a customer has to wait. Having extra cables and screws can also come in handy.

9. Pricing
What prices are you planning to charge for your repair services? You want to charge prices that are both affordable for your customers but are also enough to keep your business afloat.

If there are other computer repair businesses in the area, check into what prices they charge. Doing some research on this front can help you price your services competitively and possibly take business away from your competition.

Discounts, possibly in the form of coupons or a percentage upon purchase is a great idea. Offering a special deal for the first time customers can be a great way to get your business name out there and bring in new customers.

10. Insurance
Due to the nature of a devices repair business, get insurance to cover any issues that could arise. While issues are never planned, they can occur, and it is a good idea to be covered. Your business deals with other people's property and they are entrusting their property into your care. Check with insurance companies that provide insurance for businesses and determine what fits your needs.

Considering these ten primary points can significantly improve your chances of getting a devices repair business off the ground and on the road to being successful.

The most important thing to keep in mind, however, is the quality of service you provide. In this day and age, excellent customer service can be the difference between a business thriving and a business failing. Make it a priority to take good care of your customers, providing the best service you possibly can. Become friends with your customers in the way you act and treat them. It can go a long way towards building your business and earning repeat and referral business.

We are provide you one stop solution to setup and operate your repair center anywhere in India.


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